Re: DSM: The Sudbury model -- appropriate for all children, yes or no?

From: Alan Klein (
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 17:53:52 EDT

There are a number of schools, some going under the heading of
"progressive", such as The School in Rose Valley in PA or The Young School
in MD (to speak of two with which I am familiar), which I believe do provide
a "between" experience.

Some of us, of course, will say that there are no differences among
non-democratic schools. Some of us will say that schools such as those I
mentioned are a millimeter away from traditional schools, while democratic
schools are light years away.

The founding principal of SRV (in 1929) described her philosophy as "freedom
with a fence around it". While that will seem like an anathema to many of us
(and sometimes does to me, as well) it could well be argued that the SM
process is the particular "fence" that our democratic schools have chosen
with which to bound our students' (and staff's) freedom. lest it become

~Alan Klein

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> > My point though, is that we also need something between SVS and public
> > schools.
> Like what?


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