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Dear Kristin,

 We will be sending out a newsletter towards the end of June. If you
would like to put an ad in at a cost $60 we will include it in our mailing. A
half page would be fine. Are you intending to send us an original or copies
ready to insert? Let me know what you're thinking of doing.

Amy, DVS

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Subject: DSM: Maps showing Sudbury model



Kristin Harkness here, writing on behalf of the Sudbury Education

Network (SERN).


Back in January a few folks mentioned here that a map of the world, or

United States, or both, showing Sudbury model schools would be a

resource. We noted that at the time, put it on our list o'
things to do,

and now SERN is pleased to announce that we have just launched our

page at http://www.sudburynetwork.org/networking.htm?Maps.htm
(If that link

does not work for you, try http://www.sudburynetwork.org/networking.htm

then click on 'Maps'). The page contains a map of the world, and
also a map

of each country which contains a Sudbury model school.


We are very interested in your thoughts on this page, especially if you

any corrections or suggestions for improvement.


All the best,

Kristin Harkness





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