Re: DSM: troubled kids

From: Allan Saugstad (
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 12:48:05 EDT

Malc (quoted below), Bill and others have expressed some lament about our society :

> troubled kids... has anyone met an untroubled kid? Me not. I was a very
> troubled kid, and indeed I suspect any kid that is not totally troubled. I
> mean look what's going down!? Hell on wheels more or less.
> We are only 50 years away from 'The only good German is a dead one' and in
> the interim there have been various distractions such as the threat of
> atomic war. Things have not visibly improved and I would say every kid has
> every right to be troubled. At the moment what would be troubling me most
> as a kid is that while our erstwhile politicians seem hell bent on
> destroying the planet, one has to sit in the school room learning outdated
> syntax.

I too, worry. I worry about our lack of care for children as people, in our
institutions, and in our homes. I am stressed by how families strive for financial
success and independence while abandoning their children in the process. Increasing
numbers of young couples these days treat children as a commodity, or they just
can't be bothered to have them at all (which in many respects is a relief!!).

However, I am hopeful. I am hopeful because more and more parents I know and hear
about are standing up for their kids, letting them exercise their right to choose,
and not feeling comfortable squashing their beautiful wills - and demanding that
institutions like hospitals and schools listen to them. Public elementary school
teachers increasingly notice, and often complain that, compared to twenty years
ago, children speak out more, will not sit still when told to (they call this
ADHD), and have parents who will not TRUST them to teach their kids.

This quiet revolution is growing, and I can't see any way of stopping it.



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