Re: DSM: The Sudbury model -- appropriate for all children, yes or no?

From: william van horn (
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 08:33:10 EDT

> Warren wrote
> I'll just throw this in here as a thought... Isn't this perhaps what
> traditional schools are for? I mean, freedom *with responsibility* is
> central to the SVS philosophy. Take the responsibility out, as in the
> of a child who *decides* not to take it, and what do you have? Freedom
> licence. This cannot be good for the school or the student. What kind
> 'direction' can you offer a child who *decides* not to take
> This is not a skill or a talent we're talking about here. It is a
> Isn't it? If so, then wouldn't it be better to let the child go back to
> traditional school where they know all about dealing with children who
> decide not to take responsibility.
> Warren

Well, it is akin to a skill. Maybe an attitude or a personality trait,
something originally "taught" at home. Looking at adults, most of us who
have gone through traditional schools, some actively seek the responsibility
because of the freedom, while many seek for others to make the important
decision for them.

My point though, is that we also need something between SVS and public
schools. Those that you would send back to public schools would still
benefit from a greater level of freedom in decission making. I contend that
responsible use of freedom can be taught through example and encouragement
(aren't these Sudbury methods?) and lots of discussion with the student.
Discussion in the true sense of the word, listening closely as well as
talking. Some students need more help learning, yet public schools offer
very very little of this.

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