Re: DSM: Re: troubled kids

Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 03:54:51 EDT

Dear Alan,

Thank you very very much. You wrote:

"This critical mass of participants can "hold the space" for up to another
critical mass of people who act out in various ways which put stress on the

    Danny writes that a child is a person deserving of respect, and that
while this is a simple idea, it has devastatingly complex consequences. One
of the devastatingly complex consequences is the reasonable inference that
the vast majorities of our nations' children are, through a collection of
familial, religious, social and educational institutions, being
systematically pounded into psychological and emotional ruble. Also, of like
nature, is the nearly inescapable inference that the vast majority of parents
and founders and staff of Sudbury Valley type schools did not avoid such
pounding. In my most humblest opinion, I suggest that we may be very well
early in our attempt to determine who is "holding space" for whom. I love
claims of "integration", and "wholeness" and "being unscathed", and hope to
holy god that they are true. And yet, again, in my most humblest opinion, a
further reasonable inference is that such notions may simply delay the
inevitable. And the inevitable is that we will find our art our beauty our
kindness and our grace in ruble.

Deep and Warm Regards,
Bill Richardson


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