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From: Joe Jackson (
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 07:46:43 EDT

Dear Liz,

> Neither do I mean the kind of therapy that Niell practiced.
> I mean the therapy one gets from being with someone who has a very good
> understanding of their field.

Well, then I find your original criticism of my post to be out of place.
All I said is that Sudbury schools don't try to "fix" students by using
therapeutic measures. Since you clearly delineate, as I do, between
therapeutic *actions* and an environment that has a therapeutic *effect*, I
am still left wondering what your beef is.

> At Kirkdale school in London we tried the whole student government thing
> and we found that it was too time consuming having meetings and so they
> just went away. Now and then the adults would try and get us to do them
> again and we wouldn't want to. So perhaps we were really a Sudbury
> school that voted not to do the government stuff, as was discussed on
> this list in a recent thread. Although we didn't vote on it we just
> stopped doing it.

Do find similarities between Kirkdale's student government and a School
Meeting? When the student government was operating, were there any limits
on its powers? What sort of decisions did the government make? How were
the rules the government made enforced at the school?

> Are you saying that you and your wife worked in scores of free schools?


> I don't remember the school
> doing terribly nice things to us, but then we were way too busy having a
> terribly fun time.

Maybe I'm cynical, but any time a school lets a student do what they want, I
consider that doing something terribly nice. :)

> It seems like I may have offended you. I guess the ability to be
> offensive may be an aspect that *all* free schools have in common and
> not just the Sudbury ones.

I'll check the archives, but I don't recall anyone calling you names. In
any case, we may have just stumbled on to something new - perhaps Sudbury
does a better job than free schools of producing students that are aware of
when they have offended or injured another, and take personal responsibility
for having done so.



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