Re: DSM: troubled kids

Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 22:51:05 EDT


This is Stuart from Cedarwood Sudbury School. Allan writes:

<< My feeling is that these troubled kids aren't just troubled because of bad
 experiences; they often come from separated, distanced families. When they
come to
 sudbury things don't radically improve, because their family still holds the
 resentments, anger, and apathy it always did. . . .

Does this ring true to you, or am I off-base here?>>

I know that is true sometimes (and suspect it is true most of the time), but
often I have little or no idea what the family dynamics are. Families are
under no obligation to share information of this nature. Even if they were
obligated to do so, I would expect that most would not cooperate, just as
most parents withhold information about students' history of mental illness.

>>I worry in my own efforts to open a sudbury school that my students will
just be
dropped off, by parents busily leading their own lives, and their children,
have always been left behind, will continue to bear the wounds of neglect and
my job that much more difficult.>>

You will get a mix of parents, and a mix of students. Certainly children from
emotionally healthy families have a big advantage, but a fair number of our
students have neurotic parents or parents in the midst of bitter divorces.
Many of these students do just fine; many find the support they need in close
friendships with peers.

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