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From: william van horn (
Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 22:45:42 EDT

I didnÕt mean that Sudbury should adapt but that there are students out
there, who can not, at least at the time, take the freedom offered by SVS.

I work with kids who I can not imagine being able to work within the SVS
environment. TheyÕre insecure, play dumb, and are often disruptive and
inconsiderate or downright mean to their peers. Still, talking to them,
they have a curious and interested side to them. Maybe youÕre right, Joe,
and they would positively respond to the atmosphere of SVS. IÕve certainly
seen them respond positively when I take a (non-judgemental) interest in
what they do elsewhere.

What to do with these kids? The solution is often to transfer them to a
school with more structure and tighter discipline. I felt, from reading
some comments on the list, that these kids, the ones that disrupt and
disrespect others, are basically hopeless. The disrespect is to those
falling between the cracks, both at traditional schools and at Sudbury. I
may be misreading the statements on the list.

IÕve never had the opportunity to visit a school such as SVS, just read
about it. SVS sounds great, and I am sorry that I didnÕt have the chance to
spend my school days at such a place.

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