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Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 00:15:13 EDT

Dear Folks,

This little thread is exactly the core of the matter, is it not?

Certainly we all understand that Sudbury is not a treatment. Therefore, it is
not ever, in any sense, a theraputic treatment. So, what is Sudbury? It is a
deal. Abide by the rules, and do what you wish. Absent any rule infraction,
there is simply no crtique, judgement, analysis, hope, or expectation; rather
 there is a straight forward acceptance and allowance of what the child is
and does. Guess what? This is exactly the definition of something called
"client-centered therapy" (see Carl Rogers). But we are still OK. Because in
this kind of "therapy" the client does all the work. Exactly as Sudbury turns
all the work over to the child. But here's the kick. If this deal is offered
to the child, and they take it, they will not "follow their passion", or
"develop responsiblity", or pursue any other type of "school" or
"educational" goal. They will, instead, construct their very lives. Right in
front of us. The work they do will be as deep and profound as any therapy.
And they will do it all. And it will be left for us to be simply honored and
humbled, if at times, they allow us, to be with them in their work. And at
such times we will be useful to them, only to the extent that we hold no
hope, no expectation, no judgement.

And then, finally we shall see their work for what it is: sacred.

Warm Regards,
Bill Richardson


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