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From: Bruce Smith (
Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 17:01:56 EDT

I think the misunderstandings here are semantic, or stem from a subtle
difference in emphasis. Not to speak for Joe, but my own opinion is that
while Sudbury schools can have a very "therapeutic" effect, they do not
engage in the business of therapy. The community sets and enforces
standards, but it is up to the individual student to come up with whatever
personal resources will enable him or her to meet those standards.

Some would call this therapy. Fine. The point is, our schools do not
actively/officially/institutionally intervene to help troubled students.
The school community is generally very supportive, but the school itself
does not assume the burden of solving students' problems. As in everything,
the school allows the students the freedom (and the responsibility) of
sorting through things themselves, and deciding for themselves whom to ask
for help, and when. Whatever is meant by a "therapeutic school," this is
the environment in which I prefer to operate.

Alpine Valley


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