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From: David Rovner (rovners@netvision.net.il)
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 06:02:40 EDT

Schools are not isolated from what goes on in the outside world. They are the
primary intellectual field upon which the ideologies of society vie against one another.
They can be spectacular fountains of new ideas and new technology, bastions of free
thinking, cultural development and business activity or they can be coercive
institutions which destroy free thought and support authoritarianism.

Hitler's schools were not much different from any other traditional schools. All power
was in the hands of the teachers. The curriculum was decided by the government.
Students had no choice but to attend and were given orders on what to do every
minute they were there. They were given homework so that they would not have too
much free time after school. They were forced to pledge allegiance to the German
state every day and they were generally conditioned to become obedient citizens who
would obey the laws and regulations of the government without question after they
grew up.

Hitler destroyed Bauhaus to create schools like the ones which are so prevalent
today. He did it because compulsory education at government run schools is the
most efficient way of brainwashing an entire country to accept compulsion and

Conversely, free minds, studying the questions that matter and acting on the results
of their study are not only a bulwark against tyranny, they are essential to the
production of material wealth, the creation of meaningful art and the progress of

New technology, new ideas, change, progress: these are the products of studying the
questions that matter. The course of civilization is charted by researchers and
scientists and entrepreneurs and artists and thinkers of all kinds. These are all
students of one kind or another. It is not teachers who create such things. The only
good teacher is one who is also a student. One who is seeking new knowledge. One
who is willing to learn from other students.

Don't wait for the schools to change. Become a student. No matter how old or how
young you are. No matter whether you are already spending all day in classes at a
compulsory school or if you have not set foot in a classroom in thirty years. Become
a student. Become a free student. Choose an interesting or useful topic and begin
researching it on your own. Find experts who can tell you more. Help others learn
about it. Study philosophy, logic and ethics so you will know how to use what you
learn. Question authority. Don't stop questioning. Don't stop finding answers to your
questions. Act on what you learn. You can change the world.

[excerpt: Question Authority
An Essay on Educational Reform
by Charles J. Champion, Jr.
MSAL - Maitland School of Advanced Learning
Charles@champgroup.com ]

see the whole essay at http://www.champgroup.com/MSAL/q_authority.htm

David Rovner rovners@netvision.net.il


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