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From: David Rovner (rovners@netvision.net.il)
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 03:45:39 EDT

" . . . A healthy individual (He) who has enough to eat (is satisfied) does not steal. An
individual (He) who is sexually happy does not need an inhibiting 'morality' (any 'moral
support' or a supernatural 'religious experience') and his 'religious experience' is true
to nature. Life is as simple as that. It is complicated only by a human structure, which
is afraid of life."
[The Sexual Revolution, Pg. 328 and back cover]

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>Subject: [heartlight] teen sex on PBS

>PBS did a show on teenage sex tonight. Sex in a middle/upper class society
>got close scrutiny after a number of kids got syphilis. Off hand it seemed a
>provocative story. Then they dug into the meaning of this intimacy among
>teens. Intimate it is not. The kids get high on alcohol or drugs. The sex
>acts were crass or were a game. The women said the sex became painful, and
>the guys were rude, demeaning.

>The point is NOT sex is bad. The point is that we are raising kids to be
>abusive of themselves and others. They lack social intelligence. They have
>little inclination to create something beautiful.

>The story itself may indicate a good reason why. No one had the guts to ask
>the teens what would make their lives great and glorious. What if they had
>complaints about parents and school that made us adults look bad. Now, we
>couldn't stand for that, could we. Nor do we adults ask what would make us a
>great society.



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