Re: RE: DSM: troubles at PacVillage

Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 18:01:39 EDT

>> It seems to me that *some* way has to be found to deal with
>> anti-social behaviour in *any* democracy. Unfortunately, in
>> most democracies we 'expel' such people by removing them
>> to prisons and jails where they will no longer be in contact
>> with society in general. But that merely shoves the problem
>> under the rug, as it were. It doesn't *eliminate* the problem,
>> rather the problem is merely *hidden away*, out of view.
>> To me, that doesn't appear to be constructive.

While I agree ideally in a 'free' society, we do need to address the
issue of those that are most damaged. Finding a constructive way, at this
point in our educational status as a culture, can end up being more of a
downfall for everyone else.

For a school to deal with a child that is as Stuart so aptly puts it
'hell on wheels', then the culture at home must support the schools
effort in tandem.

Now, heres the twist.. If a child is 'hell on wheels' then most likely
their home life is a good place to look for where the damage began.

So how can a school, with limited time, money and staff counteract damage
that is still being done after the child leaves the building?

just my .02 worth




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