DSM: FW: Greeting and interest

From: David Danesh (dave1968@mediaone.net)
Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 16:55:09 EDT

Dear Sudbury Model Listees-

I am a filmmaker currently residing in Los Angeles. I'm not sure where to begin, so perhaps I will simply say that I am voraciously interested in the current state of education in the world, and in the alternative forms of education available to children outside of the traditional system. Much of my recent self-discovery has revealed that the key to breaking ourselves free from the bonds of current society is in the education of our children. This has lead me to your mailing list.

I am beginning to develop a project, most likely in a documentary format, that takes a very clear-eyed and honest look at the state of current education and its effects on our society. Therefore I am interested in any documentation of education that currently exists in a film or video medium that is related to this topic. I have seen what is offered on the Sudbury website depicting testimonials of alumni, and it is intriguing. But I am looking for much more. If you can point me in a direction, I would appreciate it.

On another note, I am also interested in becoming an "educator." I do not know by what term is used for Sudbury staff, and in fact I'm very ignorant as to how they assemble their staff. I am very curious. I have experience as a math tutor, and I've coached youth soccer, but beyond that no other relevant teaching experience. I have also spent seven years of my life as a management consultant with an international firm, and have a keen understanding of the business world. And as I said, I've been an independent filmmaker for the last three years. How can I learn more about the Sudbury staff and how they hire their staff?

I am sure that a visit to the school would answer many of these questions, and as I'm not able to make a trip right away, any information you can provide to me would be greatly appreciated. I would also value a phone conversation. Please let me know how I should proceed to learn more about the school, and the opportunities within Sudbury. Thank you.

David Danesh
1351 N. Orange Drive #202
Los Angeles, CA 90028


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