Re: DSM: troubles at PacVillage

From: Ardeshir Mehta, N.D. (
Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 13:59:45 EDT

I would be interested in knowing just how a Sudbury school
deals with gangs or groups of kids such as the one mentioned
in Stuart's e-mail below. Are they dealt with by expelling them?
Or is there some more constructive way?

It seems to me that *some* way has to be found to deal with
anti-social behaviour in *any* democracy. Unfortunately, in
most democracies we 'expel' such people by removing them
to prisons and jails where they will no longer be in contact
with society in general. But that merely shoves the problem
under the rug, as it were. It doesn't *eliminate* the problem,
rather the problem is merely *hidden away*, out of view.
To me, that doesn't appear to be constructive.

In contrast to adults, though, kids are not incorrigible. (Indeed
I am not convinced all adults are either, though *some* may be.)
Would it not be better, then, to work on the behaviour rather
than simply packing away the child -- sending him into 'exile',
as it were?

Any thoughts?

Ardeshir <>

************************************************** wrote:

> Hi Brook,
> This is Stuart Williams-Ley at Cedarwood Sudbury School in Santa Clara, CA,
> responding to your followup question about Pacific Village School:
> << I'm very curious about what sort of trouble
> was troublesome enough to sink the school. >>
> I wasn't close enough to the situation to know the details. From what I
> gathered when I visited, however, there were five or six students who
> repeatedly violated the rights of others or whose actions harmed the school.
> Because so many of the students and staff members were new, the school
> culture was immature. A majority of the people therefore did not realize the
> importance of dealing forcefully with such behavior. I think the school
> finally suspended the worst troublemakers in March or April, but by then most
> people had decided to move on the following year.


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