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Date: Sun May 20 2001 - 19:13:14 EDT


This is Stuart from Cedarwood again. Alexander asks:

<< >This I find really interesting. Are there any people from this DSM
>that were involved, that could throw light onto why it failed. >>

I don't know if anyone from PacVillage is still on this list, but I was
reasonably close to the situation. In short, people involved with the school
were frustrated that enrollments were always low. Then they came across a
marketing expert who made a deal with the school: if over the summer he could
increase the school's enrollment from mid-single digits to 20 students, his
child could attend for free. It turned out his child was one of the kids who
turned out to be hell on wheels, and he and his son knew lots more who were
in the same boat. The school culture was overwhelmed by the troubles these
kids brought in.



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