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From: Alexander / Michiru Streater (
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 09:04:30 EDT

> Sadder to see were the parents that clapped for the children turning them
> into trained seals. What a heartache to see a child not going down a
> board until all eyes were upon her/him.. and after.. just waiting for the
> applause. Do those poor children even enjoy what they did *sigh* All I
> imagine how much their insecure little egos would need in school with gold
> stars and kudos from the teacher for their performances. How much damage
> done before they even get to school?

I understnd what you are saying here, but children often want to share the
of something with their parents (or their friends).

> Alan asked
> >>Are there those who, dare I say it, attempt a sort of hybrid model?

I believe I do. We lay choices on our kids, like no-one else we know, since
birth. But because our school is also part of our home, there are times
when my kids just have to "go home". But come to think of it, this does not
really violate the model either. They may not disturb others in certain
rooms. But those rules were decided by my wife and me. Our livelyhood
depends on it, so there is no room for error in certain matters. As for the
school, it's definately a hybrid!

So there ;-)

> >>Are there differences in the home situation that mitigate against
> the model?

There are some situations that can be forcast by an older adult, that, say
a 4 or 5 year old would find hard to grasp, especially if they were over
But then my wife and I always discuss to decide if it's a health/safety
and if not whether its a major logistical problem.

Alexander Streater
Message to teachers (and parents):
Children learn in spite of us, not because of us!


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