Re: DSM: Re: Re: SM in Ontario

Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 21:40:18 EDT

Dear Cindy,

I apologize for my ignorance about some of what may have gone on in the last
week or so on the list. My email program is not being a loyal friend these
days! But I do know one thing: people in your tiny initial startup group of
5 who are negative (your word) will make it harder for you to get a school
started, not easier. Jettison them. Figure out what you think are criteria
for founder's group members, and make sure the desire to create a particular
type of school (think seriously, and in detail here) is a largely important
criterion. Hangers-on can sap your energy and kill the vitality of the two
people who know what they want. You don't have to be democratic now -- you
and the other person (or both if it comes to that) who know what you want can
just walk away. Also, is there some money something going on here? Like a
small fee to be in this illustrious group in order to keep it going? That
usually gets rid of people who are hanging on for some obscure social or
psychological reason only they can begin to know, but are not really
interested in the same enterprise as you. Now it is yours; make sure you get
what you want!



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