DSM: Re: Re: SM in Ontario

From: CindyK (cindyk@unitz.on.ca)
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 14:27:42 EDT

I know it is advisable to gather a group together but I am going on
> the premise that supporters will appear if I persist. I have been living
> life according to a 'leap and the net will appear' kind of philosophy for
> the past four years and it seems to work so I am approaching this quest in
> that spirit. I can tell you, for example, that I went out and rented
> in a beautiful area beside a river using my own resources and the first
> thing that happened was that a neighbour asked to rent the space from me
> the evenings to run TiChi lessons and he is giving me enough to pay the
> rent

Hi Warren,

Thanks for the timely reminder. I firmly believe that we have to trust that
it will happen in order for it to happen. I started as a group of 1. I
found my first co-planner at my first information meeting that I arranged
and held as a group of 1 back in January. Now there are 5 people that
regularly show up at our weekly school meeting. There are two of us that
BELIEVE, two of us who are very negative and one who's son is so young that
she can stay quite detached and is basically watching. I find it hard to
fight the negativity at the meetings and I sometimes leave feeling really
drained. They believe in the philosophy, they just have trouble believing
that it will happen. They are stuck on the no money issue and don't want to
extend themselves whatsoever. They are also both very anti-establishment and
both presently homeschooling.. I'd love to just rent a place and go with it
because there isn't much else we can do at this point. The trouble is that
we need 3 directors to be in the non-profit org and they don't want to take
on that kind of liability by taking a chance on renting with no students!
It's a rock and a hard place!

I still believe that it will happen. And I firmly believe that "if you
build it they will come!!!" That's my motto!



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