DSM: A Kinder, Gentler America ! FOX. (He -is- one, a real fox.)

From: Alexander / Michiru Streater (uigui@oregano.ocn.ne.jp)
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 10:25:46 EDT


So says the genie in Aladin 2, with the unstoppable Robin Williams,
one feels, taking a personal dig at Arnold Schwartznegger's attempts
a few years ago to marry into a political party "not in the centre".

Then come that soft, kind, gentle (I could go on, ... so I will !
discrete, fair, The word of god) Bill "ShortSnigger" O'Really, with
his "IN DEPTH" interview and anal ysis of the SVS model !

Schwartznegger . ShortSnigger

Do you suppose they could be in any way related?

(appologies to Private Eye)

PS Idon't remember -his- opinion being flashed on the screen so
"we can decide" !

A courageous act by Dr. Greenburg.

Alexander Streater
Message to teachers (and parents):
Children learn in spite of us, not because of us!

Unless you watch Fox TV, in which case "all children should watch
Fox News for truely ballanced reporting", or some such thing in
non-attributed quotes. Who said that then? Murdoch?


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