DSM: Re: SM in Ontario

From: Alexander / Michiru Streater (uigui@oregano.ocn.ne.jp)
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 09:07:16 EDT

> I have been living my
> life according to a 'leap and the net will appear' kind of philosophy for
> the past four years and it seems to work so I am approaching this quest in
> that spirit.

If you build it, they will come! eh?

> I can tell you, for example, that I went out and rented space
> in a beautiful area beside a river using my own resources and the first
> thing that happened was that a neighbour asked to rent the space from me
> the evenings to run TiChi lessons and he is giving me enough to pay the
> rent!

Man! Are you ever cool. I should have done it this way round !
A couple of years ago, I got a group together, but when they discovered
I could not get everything up and running within 6 months!, they all left
town. -Every- one but one (a single working mum) went in search of an
already existing alternative, all leaving town :-(

You taught me a valuable lesson.

Alexander Streater
Message to teachers (and parents):
Children learn in spite of us, not because of us!


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