DSM: Living the model

From: Alan Klein (Alan@klein.net)
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 06:26:24 EDT

Kolleen and Alexander had the following exchange:

> > (Koleen) I apologize to all reading this for my assumption about the
structure of
> > what this list wishes to discuss - I was coming from the POV that
> > is a lifestyle.
> (Alexander) Me too, and don't you dare apologize.

It strikes me that this warrants its own thread:

To what extent do we see Sudbury/democratic schooling as informing/mirroring
our parenting styles? How does this manifest itself?

Are there those who see a complete separation between the two and who feel
comfortable as parents setting and maintaining all rules at home?

Are there those who see themselves as following the "model" completely (or
at least attempting to) at home?

Are there those who, dare I say it, attempt a sort of hybrid model?

Are there differences in the home situation that mitigate against applying
the model?

How about current and former staff at democratic schools? How would we
describe our parenting styles?

~Alan Klein


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