DSM: RE: convesation wandering (formerly Hybrid Schools)

From: Alexander / Michiru Streater (uigui@oregano.ocn.ne.jp)
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 23:42:54 EDT

> Actually, since I view parenting, life and humanity as a Sudbury
> experience (for intense purposes of the meaning of Sudbury) I was
> ignorant in assuming that every other person involved in the discussion
> of Sudbury would want to embrace the concept beyond anything but Sudbury
> and Sudbury Models Schools.

Kolleen, your so cool ! If I weren't already hitched I'd propose ;-) I have
that parents who are more sympathetic to the whole idea are generally more
considerate to their children than is typical, and very much less likley to
'em a good hard smack when they step out of line, otherwise they never
Make me want to weep just typing this.

> Joe, after being apart of the internet since many years before the
> introduction of the web, I can say that in this sterile environment,
> without the luxury of smiles, relaxed faces and hand gestures, it can
> create at atmosphere of defense - as opposed to just 'conversation'.

 Yes, on these pages there is a dearth of what passes for visual cues.

:-) ;-) X-< and the like. Dan would have to use :-# 'cos he's got a

> I apologize to all reading this for my assumption about the structure of
> what this list wishes to discuss - I was coming from the POV that Sudbuy
> is a lifestyle.

Me too, and don't you dare apologize.

It is = a b s o l u t l y = essential that we all, re-enforce the notion,
(and on a continuous basis so that new-comers to the list get the "big
picture") that
the SVS/SHS model is not dis-associated in any way from the world "outside".
There is no "we do this at school, but we quit when we leave". The model
for the preparation for the world, -by putting the world outside, inside-.
That you
live the model in your "real life", for me, just says you live in the real
world. And
that you have a life!

> I was not mistaken that children cannot be free in any society until they
> are given the right to choose ALL that affects them ie: enviroment,
> health, etc

I take it here that you mean the children in the family context. As I
pointed out in onother post, parents must make some of the decisions.
If the parent has the right, so too does the child.

> I myself do not live in a democratic society if big businesses are
> allowed to pollute and genetically alter the things that sustain life
> itself. Hence my rights and freedoms are significantly stepped on by
> others.

Point taken, but this is smelling a little political, as can poison the
water of
SVS/SHS model.

> No culture can be balanced and treat children with respect as long as
> Corporal Punishiment is not outlawed.

Difficult to quantify. deserves another thread.

> Again, I humbly apologize for the assumption that Sudbury is a way of
> life, not just a model school for students ages 4-18, in this list. I
> retract all that I said and will use it to discuss with people that
> converse on the issues of life, all kinds, all ages all species, and the
> preservation of the freedoms and democracy sans coercion.

> If you want to upset someone, lie to them. If you really want to anger
> their being, tell them the truth.

Ha ha ha. You'd be as unpopular as me where I live!

Alexander Streater
Message to teachers (and parents):
Children learn in spite of us, not because of us!


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