DSM: re:convesation wandering (formerly Hybrid Schools)

From: Alexander / Michiru Streater (uigui@oregano.ocn.ne.jp)
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 13:50:19 EDT

> Lots of greaet discussion going on about a 'Hybrid' school then
> Alexander's obstute obsevation about stop fighting with eachother on
> issues that we all already agree upon - Sudburym-model education IS the
> future.
> When I went off the subject about smoking and suicide and intervention..
> I guess what I was trying to get across was that Sudbury IS a Hybrid
> school.

Oh my god, you must be some kind of genius or something ! This is so
true, and nicely closes the thread of whether a hybrid is possible or not.

> I'm sure a Sudbury student who is allowed to smoke on campus will surely
> be coerced from a suicide attempt (SVS + SM staff members, please correct
> me if I'm wrong here).

Given that SVS prepares it's sudent to be functioning (thus careing) members
of society, it's a given. and I'm not even an SVS + SM staff member !

> When a child is allowed to choose if the vaccinations are going to harm
> or possibly kill him or her. When they are give their first choice of
> breast over bottle and its made into a legal right. When they are given
> their choice over a family bed as opposed to being abandoned in the
> nighttime in addition to the abolition of the legalness corporal
> punishment and other such freedoms as they grow from infancy to
> maturation and beyond, then we will have a truly democratic society for
> children.

Strongly disagree. You seem to be including (and I may be using the wrong
words here, but work with me) imotive and politcized arguments in with
common sense ones. Bottle/breast = politcle.

As for vaccinations, you've lost the plot of you think kids should have the
right to choose. I don't give my 5 year old the right to run accross the
whenever she feels like it. It may or may not be dangerous.

Look, the SVSSHS model provides kids with certain rights. They are much
wider than those rights normally given in many schools in the world. But
jumping onto the "childrens rights" bandwaggon can easily lead people
So let me make this very clear. The SVS/SHS model does NOT abandon it's
responsibility to PROTECT children. . . . And neither should any adult. When
comes to =health and safety=, decisions that are clearly beyond the capacity
or capability of the child must be taken by old or more knowledgable

> In the mean time, I think SVS and the SM do a damn good job of hybrid
> democracy to the extent allowed by govermental law.

Hear hear.

> ps. Thanks for the synopsis of the thread. I deeply appreciate the time
> and effort on that one!

You're welcome, and it was an effort !!!

Alexander Streater
Message to teachers and parents:
Children learn in spite of us, not because of us!


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