Re: DSM: On Hybrid schools . . . Our Trojan Horse?

Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 00:22:03 EDT

I don't know if you can define a Sudbury school in words. I think one could
walk into a school and quickly get a feel for how similar it is to the
philosophy SVS practices.

I didn't used to think this was possible, but when I visited Alpine Valley, I
was blown away by the way they had nailed basically everything the "right"
way, from the atmosphere, to the respect and freedom, to the way people spend
their time, to the empowerment one gets from being given a vote from a young
age. There are little, unimportant details that differ, like the amount of
kids, and certain minor rules, though nothing significant. I was very
impressed; I hadn't imagined it was possible to so closely replicate the
essentials of my school.

Similarly, I imagine it would feel totally different walking into a "Sudbury
school" that just wasn't one. I don't believe there to be a clear definition
of a Sudbury school, but I'm basing my last statement on the idea that a
Sudbury school is just another SVS, containing different people, the same
philosophy regarding freedom and age rights, the school being run by the
School Meeting and rule infractions being dealt with by the JC, students
having the same vote as staff members, staff members being elected by the
School Meeting, and having no other set requirements besides following the
rules in the lawbook, and attendance. So maybe I just did put a Sudbury
school into words. But I may be wrong, that is just what I think is the
structure of Sudbury Valley. And a Sudbury school is modeled after SVS for
the most part. Right?

~Myla~ from SVS


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