Re: DSM: On Hybrid schools . . . Our Trojan Horse?

From: Ardeshir Mehta, N.D. (
Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 21:25:30 EDT

Hi there everyone:

Martin Wilke wrote:

> David Rovner schrieb:
> >
> > Ardeshir Mehta wrote:
> > >In Israel there are four main "movements" among
> > >kibbutzim, all of which are founded on strict democratic
> > >principles (for adults).
> >
> > Kibbutzim are not democratic -- as I understand
> > democracy.
> > Kibbutzim are based on Socialist Ideology, so they are lacking
> > individual rights -- they just honor the majority decision
> > aspect of democracy.
> >
> > David Rovner
> I disagree. Socialism can be everything from libertarian to dictatorial,
> as well as capitalism may or may not be democratic.
> The right to property is not the only individual right. And each right
> can only go as far as it doesn't infringe on other people's individual
> rights or their possibilities to development.
> Martin Wilke
> --

I agree with Martin and disagree with David, here.

But more pertinently, David's argument is *irrelevant* to the
point that I was making: which is, that a kibbutz can still call
itself a kibbutz while being different, to some extent, from
many other kibbutzim.

Similarly, I see no reason why a school cannot call itself a
"Sudbury school" even if in *some* respects it is different
from the one in Massachusetts.

Of course there is a limit, beyond which it would be unreason-
able to call it a "Sudbury school". But *some* differences
can surely be permitted.

Indeed *not* to permit differences would be to deny the very
principles a Sudbury school stands for -- right?

Best wishes,

Ardeshir <>




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