Re: DSM: And the right answer is.... you're losing me

Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 17:29:14 EDT

Dear Alexander,

The signature communication pattern for the usual and prevailing paradigm is
attack and defend. The communication pattern may or may not be the crucial
"running gears" for the whole paradigm. Consider the Elian Gonzalez
communication pattern. Two sides right, continuous attack and defend.
Consider a traditional school situation with grades between teacher and
student. Constant and continuous attack and defend.

Consider the student at Sudbury Valley who fished every day, month after
month, year after year. The student is not attacked. Therefore there is no
need to defend. The tremendous explosive creativity at Sudbury Valley lies in
the fact that free children do not have to spend huge amounts of energy
keeping up a defense.

I am considering that if the communication pattern is definitive of the
paradigm, and if Sudbury Valley has crushed the usual and prevailing
communication pattern, then the students at Sudbury are working in a new

Deep Regard,
Billl Richardson


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