Re: DSM: On Hybrid schools . . . Our Trojon Horse?

Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 11:30:15 EDT

Dear Ardeshir,

Thank you. I think I see that my difficulty was logical.
Sudbury crushes the duality between young and old (but not completely)
Sudbury crushes the duality between teacher and learner (but not completely)
Sudbury crushes the view of the child as an improver (but not absolutely)

My puzzle was exactly the self referential one in logic.
Let us imagine that Subury does not have any agenda for the children. The
child certainly had to maintain 51% of the vote to hang, to remain present,
but given they can do that, they are free. So with no internal agenda, could
Sudbury even dispense with any external agenda, ie. it would not even argue
for the goodness of it's own self. That is Sudbury would basically say we
trust the children in the school and we trust anyone interested in the school
to find their way to the school house door. In this scenario Sudbury would
even decline to claim goodness for itself. The question of whether the
freedom was good would be left up to the children. Thus there would be no
impetus to "preach".

If I understand you comments, the stance of Sudbury in these matters is best
seen as approximate, in light of the fact that viewing these stances as
absolute leads to logical absurdity.

Deep Regard,
Bill Richardson



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