DSM: Re: RE: On Hybrid schools . . . Our Trojon Horse?

From: CindyK (cindyk@unitz.on.ca)
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 18:53:46 EDT

I don't intend to convert anyone here. I know there are some pretty strong
opinions out there. I am only going to add my two cents. This is my

I think you can be a little bit pregnant. I have been pregnant twice and I
know. The beginning of a pregnancy is VERY different from the end. Each
passing month brings you closer to the desired state - having a baby in your
arms. (Or having a Sudbury School). Some people could skip the pregnancy
all together and just get right to having the baby. Others NEED those nine
months to get used to the idea and work towards it slowly. Each step is a
step in the right direction.

Some people can jump into a Sudbury School right away, others need to be
exposed to the idea slowly. I think that people with only one choice would
jump at the chance to have two! It may not be a Sudbury School but it would
be better than the traditional.

As for a hybrid Sudbury School. I think the trouble is in the wording. A
Sudbury School is a Sudbury School - there are no hybrids. Once you change
it, it's not a Sudbury School anymore. Then, at the other end of the scale
you have traditional schools. The hybrid would lie somewhere in between.
It would be a middle ground school. Not a traditional school and not a
Sudbury School. Better than traditional, not as ideal (for me, maybe
perfect for others) as Sudbury. That's how I see it anyway.

I am not arguing with anyone. I just wanted to show you my picture, my
model of the world. That's what conversation is for right? Sharing our
models? Welcome to my world. :)

Take Care,
Sudbury Liberty School Start-up Group
Sudbury, Ontario

> Sam here -
> >> I use to say:
> >> Either you are pregnant or you are not.
> > You cannot be HALF PREGNANT.
> >
> >Of course you can!
> >
> >It's called "mid-term". And a little bit pregnant is can be
> >can be considered " at the start of pregnancy".
> This is a specious semantic argument, and I'm not buying it. While many
> conditions are not steady state, having a continuum, (shades of gray as it
> were) this is not one. Pregnancy is a steady state condition, you are or
> not. Being "mid-term", or anywhere in that condition is still in that
> condition. Being "mid-term" is obviously being pregnant. If you were to
> argue about transition effects " at the start of pregnancy", that razor
> state where one transitions into pregnancy and which microsecond and
> condition occurs in the flipping of the switch, I might be persuaded.
> PREGNANT meaning "mid-term" is cute, but inaccurate.


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