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From: Alexander / Michiru Streater (
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 08:12:17 EDT

Hi Bill,

> So the most facinating question for me is what is the land of the "3d"
> Let us make a list of descriptions, to see if we yet know enough so that
> maybe even we could be there much of the time. I am most interested in
> charting, mapping, this "3d" paradigm.

As I have already posted that I don't think we are seeing a paradigm,
it's difficult for me to really comment on this.

> And I am most most
interested in
> whether there is a signature communication pattern, the "running gears" if
> you will, that informs the "3d".

Sorry, you'll have to help me here. What is "a signature communication

> Possible descriptions of the "3d" (I'll just do one, and please, I would
> to hear others):
> 1) After centuries and centuries and centuries, maybe it is adults
> climbing down off the backs of children, and waiting respectfully, a
> distance away, till the child can breathe, till the child straightens up
> their perpetual stoop, till we are all quietly listening as the child
> gathers their voice, and says in such clear and ringing words, that it is
> about . . .

I have a problem with this too, for it is only recently that kids started to
schools on a mass scale.

Also, I don't see the oppression of children distict from any other minority
group, many of which gained more freedom and rights in many, if not most
of the western nations in the 20th C. In your paragraph 1) instead of
you could have written:

Arab slaver,
white man,
U.S. government institution,
religious institution,

and instead of "children" you could have written:

African tribesman,
black man,
Minority discriminated against,
the faithful,
the opposition,

I contend that children are just at the end of the list. They go to school
sit at tables essentially because we are larger than they, and wield power.
Trouble starts when they realize the power we wield is largely an illusion.
They rise up and assert themselves.

But I'm losing focus here. The answer maybe that we are learning to climb
off anybody's back, and that we a civilization now recognise to struggle for
freedom, (through heavy media coverage, wars movies) and we have learned
to become sensitive to smothering others.

Now, some of us, (either because we are especially sesitive to a childs view
point due to trauma of our own, our open mindedness, or simply don't buy
the victorian/edwardian child rearing strategies) are putting this into
where children are concerned.

Alexander Streater

Message to fellow teachers

Children learn inspite of us, not because of us!


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