Re: DSM: And the right answer is. . . there's no paradigm er . . .I think

From: Alexander / Michiru Streater (
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 12:11:49 EDT

Dear Bill,

I really enjoy your posts.

> My best understanding is that you are frustrated bringing these ideas
> people who use "predjudices" and "close their eyes", and will not see the
> "simple thruth". It is my best and humblest understanding that you may in
> very smallest of ways be attempting to teach them something.

Show them something may be more accurate.

> And thats not
> bad, it appears that you are a teacher. However, (and here's the paradigm
> shift), Sudbury Valley has thrown out the notion of teaching for the last
> years.

I -strongly- dissagree. They have not. Any child that wishes to become
certified, say on the potters wheel gets the training, and gets certified.
To my mind, both teaching and testing were involved at some stage.

> That they do not teach the children is the central core of Sudbury
> Valley.

With the greatest respect, no. They -do- teach children, they just don't
do it in class rooms (althogh they -do- do that too).

What I think you mean is that they don't take a position of "I will teach
you this" or "you must learn this"

> So, if teaching is not worthwhile, then even teaching others about
> Sudbury Valley is, shall we say, not productive.

Interesting, but teaching is worthwhile. The problem is that very few people
do it properly.

> In my humblest opinion, when
> Sudbury Valley threw out teaching, they threw out preaching,

NO. The JC and the weekly meeting will tell a student IN NO
UNCERTAIN TERMS that they have crossed the line.

> argument, and

You're kidding me right. You must be testing me or something. I cannot
imagine a staff member not -ever- being involved in a debate, and
arguing a possition or a point, acting as devils advocate or bringing in
a point that may have been overlooked by the others involved in the

> the whole communication pattern, the "running gears", of the usual and
> prevailing paradigm. If we would decline to teach the children, we would
> offer that same grace to ourselves and others.

This running gears bit loses me every time. Please explain what you mean
when you say:

> If we would decline to teach the children, we would
> offer that same grace to ourselves and others.

Alexander Streater

Message to fellow teachers

Children learn inspite of us, not because of us!


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