Re: DSM: On Hybrid schools . . . Our Trojon Horse?

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<< A hybrid school. Is this one where:

a) some of the kids that attend belong to the "free" part of it while
        the other half of the kids attend lessons as normal (and look out
        of the window to see the others wasting their time on the grass
        while they settle back into their chairs comfortable in the
        knowledge that they will certainly "make it")

Strange to say, I was just at a conference where I heard about a program
which fits this model. It is in an inner city public alternative school of
1200 students which, itself, has a democratic parliament for running the
school, and the school allows any student to leave any class without
explanation. It is a constitutional right. But within this school there is a
voluntary program which now has 75 students. They call it "Park Schooling,"
using the park analogy, in which the student may go anywhere he or she
pleases, work with younger kids in the school, go to the library, do
"nothing," etc.

Where is it? It is in the School of Self-Determination, in Moscow, Russia.

Jerry Mintz
800 769-4171


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