Re: DSM: And the right answer is. . . there's no paradigm er . . .I think

Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 23:37:41 EDT

Dear Alexander,

Thank you for your post. You wrote:

> I wanted to describe the amount of frustration I have in bringing
> another point of view to others.
> So, it's the -predjudices- these people use to think about things, or
> the "closing your eyes to simple truth" and "ignorance" of what lies
> right under their noses that is the problem.

    My best understanding is that you are frustrated bringing these ideas to
people who use "predjudices" and "close their eyes", and will not see the
"simple thruth". It is my best and humblest understanding that you may in the
very smallest of ways be attempting to teach them something. And thats not
bad, it appears that you are a teacher. However, (and here's the paradigm
shift), Sudbury Valley has thrown out the notion of teaching for the last 33
years. That they do not teach the children is the central core of Sudbury
Valley. So, if teaching is not worthwhile, then even teaching others about
Sudbury Valley is, shall we say, not productive. In my humblest opinion, when
Sudbury Valley threw out teaching, they threw out preaching, argument, and
the whole communication pattern, the "running gears", of the usual and
prevailing paradigm. If we would decline to teach the children, we would
offer that same grace to ourselves and others.

Deep Regard,
Bill Richardson


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