Re: DSM: And the right answer is.... was... games

Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 08:16:56 EDT

Dear Alexander,

Pardon my flippance. I just truly believe that you have it exactly so when
you say it is a paradigm shift between "the 2d and the 3d".

Mimsy Sadofsky, in one of the tapes, fields the question as to whether there
could be a hybrid school, a school between what Sudbury Valley is and what a
traditional school is. My best answer is that no, they are really two
different things (the 2d and the 3d). They are orthogonal. So, if we have
only one set of words like "school" and "education", I would just as soon
leave them in, and abandon them to, the "2d" paradigm.

So the most facinating question for me is what is the land of the "3d" like.
Let us make a list of descriptions, to see if we yet know enough so that
maybe even we could be there much of the time. I am most interested in
charting, mapping, this "3d" paradigm. And I am most most interested in
whether there is a signature communication pattern, the "running gears" if
you will, that informs the "3d".

Possible descriptions of the "3d" (I'll just do one, and please, I would love
to hear others):

1) After centuries and centuries and centuries, maybe it is adults finally
climbing down off the backs of children, and waiting respectfully, a small
distance away, till the child can breathe, till the child straightens up from
their perpetual stoop, till we are all quietly listening as the child
gathers their voice, and says in such clear and ringing words, that it is
about snowboarding, that it is about relaxation.

Deep Regard,
Bill Richardson


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