Re: DSM: And the right answer is.... was... games

From: CindyK (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 14:58:53 EDT

> Dear Liz Reid,
> You could not be more wrong.
> Please re-read my post. You'll notice I'm replying to -your- question,
> and writing what "they" think.

Hi Alexander,

I think there is a misunderstanding here. I wrote the line about "oh no,
now what will THEY think!" when the young lady on 60M said it was relaxing.
I got the humour in your response.

Liz also made a comment about the relaxing thing in an earlier post. That
may be the cause of the confusion. She may have misunderstood your answer
to my post, asking what are THEY going to think now.

Hope this helps.



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