DSM: RE: DSM Video games

From: Alexander / Michiru Streater (uigui@oregano.ocn.ne.jp)
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 14:11:45 EDT

Dear Joseph Moore

Must have missed this post.

> The issues I have with
> games have little to do with wasting time and everything to do with the
> content. Maybe I've got it all wrong, but I don't like the idea that
> sit around shooting, blowing up, or otherwise abusing "people" - even if
> is just a game.

Strongly Agree.

> Especially small kids - I remember my son crying the first time he saw the
> 'lemmings' die

I had to laugh.
This is exactly how my daughter reacts (she's 5, alls them "lemmons"). It's
good pointer for you. You must have been doing something right if that was
his reation. I don't show this game to my daughter, as it causes her such
As in my previous post on this subject, there is an age for everything.

Alexander Streater

Message to fellow teachers

Children learn inspite of us, not because of us!


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