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Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 13:22:29 EDT

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> I felt like Alexander was in rant mode and I don't mind being an
> object of someone's rant if it makes them feel better


> I actually felt rather put out by Alexander's first posting

Dear Liz Reid,

You could not be more wrong.

Please re-read my post. You'll notice I'm replying to -your- question,
and writing what "they" think.

I think
> I was the first to comment on my negative reaction to the relaxation
> response.

Indeed, and you are to be much commended for your self analysis. We
all find it hard to stop ourselves and think. I am sure I am amoung the
worst offenders, which is why I so admire your frank admission, and
thus my response.

> I didn't think that I was in any way attacking the value of
> play or relaxation for children.

For the record, I do not think for a minute you were.

> The way I understand it, the need for relaxation is a result of having
> lived in a far from relaxing environment. Perhaps the word is
> stressful. Children in free-schools are self-regulated and when a
> person is healthy and in a healthy environment their systems will
> ensure that they are getting the amount of stress and relaxation that
> they need. This will just be a part of what they are doing and
> possibly never enter their consciousness.


(there is probably
some cute latin phrase
that can be inserted here
ending in est ;-)

Alexander Streater

Message to fellow teachers

Children learn inspite of us, not because of us!


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