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From: Alexander / Michiru Streater (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 12:00:01 EDT

Hello Bill,

I wasn't sure whether you were breathing fire or gushing love and
at first, but I suppose it's love and encouragement. Anyway, thanks for the

> So what, when the student is ready the teacher arrives?

You've nearly got it ! Actually, IMHO, I have found the other-way-round
much more effective.

"when student is ready, student arrives. Teacher always there."

There is an arguably small difference, but the smallness is magnified
by an _attitude_ that is not always available to children in the correct

Respect, with _huge_ amounts of patience.

We teachers are there for them to approach.

Not, they are there for us to teach (read "talk at" in most cases)

> You
just show up on
> this list and out of the blue

Ouch, but then you say

> start writing poetry and with one post shove
> this whole list accross that divide between the 2d and the 3d

And shove we must, for the juggernaught is stuck in the rut of madness,
self-perpetuating denial and in-bred educational philosophy that belongs
in a by-gone age.

till we all
> start writing this stuff from our hearts from our guts from our souls from
> our bones.

You'll agree then, if anyone on this is faking, get off.

> Thank god you came.
Well, that's really nice. Sorry I can't be more elequant. ("All the subtlety
a thrusting volcano" - wife).

It's a while since I used my English so it takes minutes / hours to dig up
the right phrase from the recesses of the cave ;-)

> What
took you so long?

I've long been skepticle that a school such as SVS exists (in that they
go a step further than Summerhill) without a hidden agenda, ie agenda
first, kids second (or third....or last !..)

Adults can be such chickens sometimes, and deny the plain truth that
sits under their noses when it disturbs their own internal model of how
the world is / should be put together.

Intelects have the most to lose, especially those that have invested
any (effort? personal stake? can't get the word), and gained status and
or kudos and or position and or reputation.

I hasten to add that I don't think those steeped in the theories and
practice of "traditional educational" (teachers and educators) are
damned to hell, but I have noticed that they fall into three groups:

1) those that know that the basic (SVS) philosophy works.

2) those who have not yet had time to either fully evaluate or tease out
the remaining doubts with a reasonable amount of discussion

3) bank managers.

But I am certainly less pessimistic. ( Or anyway pissimistic ! )

Alexander Streater

Message to fellow teachers

Children learn inspite of us, not because of us!

PS just heard screaming outside, ran out, found a mum preventing
her teenage daughter throwing herself off a bridge. We help where
ew can, but now I'm a bit shook up. Coffee break!



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