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From: CindyK (cindyk@unitz.on.ca)
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 09:21:47 EDT


I was rolling on the floor with all your answers of what THEY would think.
It was so outrageous that I couldn't help it. Then it sank in that some
people really do believe that stuff, even if it is outrageous. I didn't
take it as an attack. I took it as a light response to my question. Thanks
for the laugh even if it did end up sad in the end. But then, that's what
I'm here for - to try to change that sadness by creating another way so that
everyone will soon see just how outrageous those reactions really are!


> New bug here.
> I've been watching this space for some time, though didn't get to see 60m.
> people's reactions are interesting though. So I'd like to use this post as
> the
> point from where I can dive into your riviting discusion.
> > I also found it interesting that so many people, myself included,
> > negatively to the statement the young lady made about SVS being
> > When I first heard her say that on the 60M piece, I thought to myself,
> > no, now what are THEY going to think!?"
> "
> Relaxing ! I don't believe it! How do they find time to relax?
> This is a school for heaven's sake.
> Life 'aint so easy you know.
> You should be weighed down not only with the books you carry to and from
> school, but the mental burden of exam hell, extra homework, private
> and weekly tests to check that you have learned something . . . .
> Kids these days!!! How will they learn anything?
> These new fangled ideas. I don't know!It may be ok for other people's
> kids, but not mine.
> and another thing,
> you can't get into a decent university unless you study, and study hard.
> And don't leave it too late. Parents must begin early, really early.
> Kindagarten
> is leaving it late. Prime 'em and drill 'em from as early as possible.
> rant
> rant rant rant rant burst blood vessle here rant rant foam at mouth about
> here
> rant rant rant rant rant rant rant rant eys glaze over rant rant rant rant
> rant
> rant pass out
> "
> Yep, that looks about right. THEY probably think something like this,
> with
> "standards were higher when we had the cane", "bullying builds character",
> "do what your teacher says if you know what's good for you".
> I've been talking patiently to people for more than 10 years trying to
> demonstrate
> the futility of "the current education model" in the "IT" age. But it is
> like trying to
> describe a 3d world to a 2d being. Occasionally, they get it, and they
> see
> their life in the same way again.
> Discovering SVS, and this discussion group, is like an oasis in a desert,
> where moronic
> 2d ist are as plentiful as grains of sand.
> Alexander Streater
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Message to fellow teachers
> Children learn inspite of us, not because of us!


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