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From: Liz Reid&Errol Strelnikoff (
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 23:25:49 EDT

> Dear Alexander,
> So what, when the student is ready the teacher arrives?
> You just show up on
> this list and out of the blue start writing poetry and with
> one post shove
> this whole list across that divide between the 2d and the
> 3d till we all
> start writing this stuff from our hearts from our guts from
> our souls from
> our bones. Thank god you came. What took you so long?
> Warm Regards,
> Bill Richardson

I actually felt rather put out by Alexander's first posting. I think
I was the first to comment on my negative reaction to the relaxation
response. I didn't think that I was in any way attacking the value of
play or relaxation for children. I was just disappointed that the
only teen they asked what their goal was at school was someone who had
recently come from public school. I didn't find it very helpful for
those who may wish to understand how this kind of life effects
children who live it from birth.

The way I understand it, the need for relaxation is a result of having
lived in a far from relaxing environment. Perhaps the word is
stressful. Children in free-schools are self-regulated and when a
person is healthy and in a healthy environment their systems will
ensure that they are getting the amount of stress and relaxation that
they need. This will just be a part of what they are doing and
possibly never enter their consciousness.

I felt like Alexander was in rant mode and I don't mind being an
object of someone's rant if it makes them feel better, but I did want
to make that part clear.

Liz Reid


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