DSM: RE: RE: DSM Video games

From: Alan or Laura Gabelsberg (argable@swbell.net)
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 19:13:22 EDT

Well, Scott I agree. I think to exert controls on Play is to ruin it and
make it drudgery in a short amount of time. Play alone is important.
Motivation for game playing could be diversion, escape, seeking rejuvenation
of creativity, resting certain brain centers and exercising others, whatever
the motivation it has meaning in and of itself. Creative living requires
the luxury of time and space. Is this why SVS is so great? Because it
provides time and space? It doesn't guarantee that creativity will happen,
it just provides the conditions to hopefully foster it?

Play makes adult workaholics very nervous.
By the same token, work is important. At Sudbury schools, do students work?
Does their work look like work, or does it look more like play because they
have played enough consistently to be enthusiastic in their work? Would
people mind as much that their kids played video games if they understood
the need for play better? Or is it the violence?
What is SVS' stance on adult control of media's violence?



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