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From: CindyK (cindyk@unitz.on.ca)
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 09:38:20 EDT

> I guess I find play to _be_ a valid end in itself. I don't need to
> prove that I can get some long term benefit from any given activity in
> order to say "that is an activity that I want to do, and hence is a valid
> activity."
> --Scott David Gray
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Thanks for the reminder.

I also found it interesting that so many people, myself included, reacted
negatively to the statement the young lady made about SVS being relaxing.
When I first heard her say that on the 60M piece, I thought to myself, "Oh
no, now what are THEY going to think!?" Then I thought about that. Why are
we so opposed to people relaxing? A relaxing environment should be a good
thing, no? I can't believe the amount of socialization I have to deprogram!
Once I think about it, I know that the only kind of environment I want my
kids in is a nice relaxing accepting environment! But I have to think about
my reactions to things before I can find my true thoughts. My first
reaction seems to be a societal one - my true feelings are buried under
years of proper socialization! I'm slowly peeling off the layers! :)

Would the mainstreamers have felt better about the school if she had said
that it was so stressfull, she couldn't concentrate? Would we then think
that she was somehow lerning something?

Then there is the whole idea of play. Play has a very negative rap in
society at large. The 60M piece opened with a lot of kids going out to
enjoy sledding. A lot of play. Why do people find it so hard to watch kids
play? Why do we think that we have to be constantly DOING something that
someone else considers PRODUCTIVE!? I don't get it.

Just a thought.



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