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From: CindyK (
Date: Sun May 06 2001 - 14:41:46 EDT

I thought I might be a good pilot with
> so much visualisation, and indeed in the sky I was, but
> couldn't for the life of me land the plane (in the simulation)
> for weeks! But with practice I eventually got so good at
> landing the plane (in the sim) that I could, after several
> months, even approach the runway almost vertically, pull up
> at the last minute and then land the plane safely.
> Of course I don't know how I would fare in a *real* plane
> -- yet. But I am pretty sure my efforts at overcoming the
> difficulties of flying and landing the plane in the sim will
> have had *some* positive effect.
> Ardeshir Mehta,
> Ottawa, Canada.

I am a pilot, and I can tell you that computer simulations have nothing to
do with flying a real airplane. I can also tell you that they have helped
you. They have helped you because you learned that if you practice
something enough times, you can overcome any difficulty! That is the value!
Try and if you don't succeed, try again until you do! What a valuable

I can handle an airplane just fine, but get me into a computer simulation
and I crash every one! (I don't play many video games) A flight simulator
I can do because they are totally different from the computer games. Sounds
like you are having fun - so keep at it. As an aside, If you'd like to give
it a try, flight schools always offer an "Introductory Flight" for a good
price (to give people the bug). You go up with an instructor and get to fly
the airplane. It's great fun and there's no commitment.

By the way, HI from a fellow Canadian!

Cindy Komarechka
Sudbury Liberty School start-up group
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


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