Re: DSM: 60 Minutes Piece

Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 23:51:19 EDT

Dear Alan,

Thank you, you wrote:

"Have you considered the idea that the freedom itself is "positive",
regardless of
what one does with it -- and it's up to the kid to decide what's positive?"

    This is the central notion of Sudbury Valley. The child gets to decide if
the freedom is positive. We, staff and parents, offer freedom, but then are
freed from evaluating the effects or results. We leave that up to the child.
If we don't then we are holding on to the freedom, the freedom becomes a
treatment, a pedagogical method. We, parents and staff, are left with the
sole task of offering freedom with all the elegance and grace and kindness we
can muster. And if we trully refrain from teaching freedom and preaching
freedom, we can be on the childs' side, whether they view it positively or
not. See, we offer freedom just like we offer the 10 acres or the pond or the
barn. They can take it or leave it. To truly offer freedom we must give it
away, give up our own attachment to it. We really can let it go. It will be
in good hands.

Deep Regard,
Bill Richardson


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