RE: DSM: 60 Minutes Piece

From: Liz Reid&Errol Strelnikoff (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 22:12:04 EDT

> wasn't sure what your question for a "lifer" like myself was,
> but if you have
> a specific question let me know.

I think you gave me your reply to my question in the first paragraph of
your post, as I was wondering whether kids who had spent all of their
school days at a free school would find that their reasons for liking
the school were because it is so relaxing. It doesn't sound like you
would have the same reasons.

> For some, Erin's 60 Minutes comment on the school being
> relaxing, is
> exactly true. Personally, I find myself pressed for time
> during the 7 hours I
> attend SVS daily. I am always busy doing something, whether
> it is classes,
> working on photography, writing, recording music, talking to people,
> attending JC and School Meeting, or giving people rides for
> lunch.

I often wonder how it impacts on the children and teenagers like you to
have new people joining the school who have spent several years in much
stricter school environments. And with parents who perhaps don't have
much of an understanding for the school's basis. The adjustment period
for those children must take some time I would imagine.



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