Re: DSM: 60 Minutes Piece

Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 19:57:24 EDT

    For some, Erin's 60 Minutes comment on the school being relaxing, is
exactly true. Personally, I find myself pressed for time during the 7 hours I
attend SVS daily. I am always busy doing something, whether it is classes,
working on photography, writing, recording music, talking to people,
attending JC and School Meeting, or giving people rides for lunch. I liked
your observation that Erin must see SVS as relaxing after being in public
    Smoking happens more regularly in Massachusetts than what you described
where you live (you are lucky!). There's usually someone smoking outside the
mall, movies, in the park and on walks, and outside the restaurant I work at.
For clarification, people under 18 are not allowed to buy cigarettes, but are
allowed to smoke them.
    You asked if there are any teenagers from SVS who have been there since
they were little? I am 17 and have been a student for around 14 years. I
wasn't sure what your question for a "lifer" like myself was, but if you have
a specific question let me know.


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