Re: DSM: Video Games

Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 17:45:37 EDT

>Anyway, it's always a test when everybody else's concern suddenly becomes
>your own.

Yes, what a great observation!

Although there is something to be said for 'watching the older boys play
video games'. He's probably interacting with them. He's seeing what makes
them tick. He's LEARNING about life. What great socialization with
kindred spirits.

It always interesting to see how the lobbying efforts go. Another great
learning aspect.

I am forever reminded of my shortcomings when my 5 year old lobbys for
something.. and I hear my words come back to haunt me. The same words I
use to try to coerce him with at times when I'm not taking the high road.

Forever growing up as parents.. its not so easy!

Good Luck,


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