DSM: Video Games

From: Joseph Moore (joseph@ivorycc.com)
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 17:40:08 EDT

My 5 year old is having his visiting week at Diablo Valley School this week.
So far, (and this is hear-say, if completely believable hear-say) he has
done little but sit in the 'tech room' watching the older boys play video
games. He's even started lobbying for a Game Boy and Nintendo (which, at a
buck a week allowance, should take him a while to save up for ;-)

Anyway, it's always a test when everybody else's concern suddenly becomes
your own. So far, it's mostly amusing to me - but if it went on for months,
well, it could require a little more bravery and trust on my part.

On the plus side, our 7 year old just sort of decided it was time to read.
Been carrying around a story book at home, sounding out words. No muss, no



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