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Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 01:51:08 EDT

I am a student at SVS, and I enjoyed the 60 Minutes piece. Considering the hatchet pieces the show is known for, I thought there piece was well done. I didn't mind that they showed the clip of students at the smoking area, because, since we are allowed to smoke, I didn't think it was something we should try and hide. Also, anyone with half a brain knows that kids smoke in the
bathrooms at public schools, and the way I've always viewed smoking at school is that we are preventing that by designating a spot for smoking. Maybe they should have added in a shot of Morley indulging in a cigarette on our front porch, followed by Mimsy yelling at him to go smoke in his car.
It would have done good to talk in more depth about JC and School Meeting and how empowering voting is for students, but it's hard to convey such an untraditional school in such a short amount of time. Also, I don't think the producers understood the school extremely well, and I found them focusing on less important aspects of the school. For example, I remembering them commenting on not seeing boys taking many classes. They filmed so many classes and activities that seemed class related, including me and two others looking at an SAT book, and I guess they could have focused on "kids with freedom still want to learn - just look at the Sudbury Valley school" - but they didn't, another reason I liked the smoking aspect, as well as showing kids playing video games, snowball fighting, and just hanging out. It didn't look as great as it could have, but it was really putting our money where our mouth is. Kids are free to do what they choose, even if it means watching tv or speding y!
our time playing video games.
The witch lady was great. Most parents would run screaming towards SVS and the honest, grandfatherly Danny, after watching the segment. Seriously though, I think it was obvious that she looked terrible, and as she represented the education department of Massachusetts or whatever it was, I think her comments helped us. Several people at school also took argument with her comment about "kids being too young to decide for themselves how to spend their time because they would waste it, instead of reading Tom Sawer, like they would in public school." People tell me that Tom and Huck is now banned in public schools for its many racist words.
Amelia, who is the 12 year old girl, was absolutely fantastic, "I don't need someone to grade me to know that I'm doing good." Perfect! I am grateful 60 Minutes aired such an intelligent girl saying such a great quote, and mentioning her age! That was definitely in our favor.
My uncle, who has been skeptical of SVS since I enrolled, wrote to me to say he is now totally in favor of it after watching the piece. I've heard many people who aren't affiliated with the school comment on how bad the education lady made herself look, and how ridiculous her comments were.
There could have been alumni interviewed, and there could have been a lot of other good stuff, but the fact is, we mane it on national TV, and it was more positive than negative.
I also wanted to answer the person who asked if many classes are one to one. Besides Danny's beloved history and theology lectures, many classes tend to be one on one.
I did like the show, it was very exciting, and SVS is now known to millions of people that didn't know a thing about it last week. And, seeing all my friends on Tv was great! I had everyone I know watch it.


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