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Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 16:59:32 EDT wrote:

> <<I'm north of Princeton, in Hillsborough, NJ. I'm at the very earliest
> stages
> of trying to figure out if I can get a school going. If you were to live in
> NJ (within commuting distance of The City), maybe we could arrange for you to
> have your cake and eat it too.
> >>
> Actually, New Jersey isn't a bad option. I was born and raised there!
> It was my hopes to move out here to Silicon Valley, to oversee the dotcom
> project of a brick n' mortar company. Suffice it to say, due to unforseen
> economic uncertainty and fear of growth from the founder, the opportunity
> didn't pan out.
> My plans were to get some financial backing behind me and move back NY area
> or NJ and start a Sudbury model school.
> Please email me seperately so we can continue on this subject!

Well, here's the email. I have acquired the SVS starter kit and am
reading/watching/listening through the stuff as fast as my life allows. I am
currently unschooling my six year old son, so I don't have as much mid-day time
as I once did to read. There are a bunch of skills that a founding group need to
have in order to get things going. I have some, but not others. I am not a
gifted socializer. I am unsure of how to find and motivate a group of people to
act toward the end goal of a SVModel school in Jersey. But I am thoroughly sold
and want this badly for my budding family. Given my current situation I am
capable of being staff Tuesday through Thursday (and more if I were working for a
paycheck). I am finishing my M.Ed. (working remotely on my final course) and
spent about eight years attending the college of education at the University of
Missouri. That experience convinced me that I'd never be a teacher. Staff at
one of these schools might change that. And even if I'm not going to be staff,
my kids _need_ to have this experience available.

The paragraph above was pretty disjointed and rambling, but I didn't have any
specific agenda. What else would you like to discuss? What are the chances that
you will actually be moving back east and interested in participating in a
startup group?

Christopher Weeks


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